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Air transportation
Air transportation – guaranteed speed and security of delivery
The advantages of using air freight transport

Air transportation is the fastest way to deliver personal and commercial cargo. Modern airlines provide an opportunity to organize a fast delivery to any destination, including inner Russian points, international and transcontinental routes. Integrated use of air transport and container equipment allows to speed up business processes, to ensure optimal conditions for the movement of cargo. The most popular areas of air transport operations are delivery of elite and perishable goods, oversized cargo, cars, living plants and animals, personal belongings.

Features of the international air cargo

Most of the transport problems being solved with the involvement of freight aircraft, belong to the category of international and strictly regulated by the customs authorities. Supply chain will always consist of a set of interrelated processes, including:

  • Development of optimal route;
  • Preparation of package documents;
  • Transportation to the airport;
  • Transshipment and warehousing;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Insurance.

For some categories of cargo certificates or permits are necessary.

Air transportation from the Royal Logistics is the optimum cost and high-speed delivery

Air transportation is definitely a leader in speed and security of cargo over long distances. Through established partnerships with the airlines and the competent planning with an individual approach to each order, Royal Logistics company is pleased to offer their customers the highest quality service and the most competitive cost and timing of delivery.

We are ready to organize not only the process of air delivery but also the whole complex of freight forwarding support, including initial advice, the organization of ground transportation, insurance, brokerage services effective and rational warehouse logistics.

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