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Cargo insurance
Cargo insurance – financial security of transport operations
Cargo Insurance Purposes

Delivery is an activity associated with a higher risk of unexpected financial losses. In the process of transportation the cargo may be lost, stolen or spoiled due to improper storage. There is a possibility of full or partial damage caused by natural disaster, fire, accident, unauthorized access or other unusual situations.
The main purpose of cargo insurance – a guarantee of full or partial coverage of losses from property damage caused during transport under the influence of circumstances beyond the control of the cargo

Types of cargo insurance

In accordance with international standards, cargo insurance is carried out in order to compensate the customer any losses associated with the loss or damage of goods during the transportation.

The insurance object may be:

  • Loading of any nomenclature category transported in accordance with the officially established standards;
  • Liability of carriers in transit.

The most insurance policies demanded to the transportation of dangerous, oversized, perishable and other goods requiring special storage and transportation conditions.

The list of insurance claims, the territory and the terms of the policy, the size of compensation and payment procedure shall be established in accordance with the terms of the contract. The standard policy does not include load protection during handling or storage terminal at the intermediate points of the route, but this service can be provided additionally.

Insurance from Royal Logistics – reliable protection of property interests of the client

Royal Logistics Company provides insurance services for domestic and international transportation. We offer a variety of programs to help choose the best option for a particular load depending on its value and properties, transportation options and the perceived risks. Concluding an insurance contract for one-time delivery or for all transport operations within a specified period of time is possible. The distinguishing features of our service are transparent tariffs, favorable conditions, convenient system of contracts and receipt of payments.

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