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Cross-docking services and forwarding
Cross-docking services and forwarding are instruments of efficient logistics.
Features of the forwarding in ports of Russia

Port forwarding is a set of measures aimed on ensuring of the proper documentation and cargo handling operations in the port. A set of procedures usually include:

  • organization of staged cargo transhipment between trucks, warehouse and board;
  • passage of the formalities established by customs and regulatory (veterinary, environmental, quarantine) services;
  • registration of the shipment in container line.

Depending on the category of the goods, you may need to obtain the necessary permits for import / export, sampling the organization (if the certification required), disbandment of the consignment or other related


Cross-docking as innovative technology of efficient handling

Cross-docking is considered as the most modern technology of warehouse logistics and involves the direct movement of cargo upon arrival directly to shipping bypassing storage area. This arrangement accelerates delivery and saves the cost for long-term storage but requires perfect forwarding support.
In cross-docking process a handling directly from the container can be implemented by the customer’s order, as well as the formation or disbanding of the cargo consignment with the subsequent repacking between container equipment, rail or road vehicle.

Port operations from the Royal Logistics

The process of port forwarding and organization of cross-docking requires coordinated work of all departments, knowledge of the principles and nuances of control and port services. To prevent vehicle downtime and inconsistencies a quick documentation clearance need to be organized together with agreed terms of supplying of the vehicle and the arrival of the vessel.

Royal Logistics team, applying a successful forwarding, will prepare and implement a brilliant and effective scheme of passing all formalities and implementation of required complex operations.

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