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Intermodal and multimodal transportation
Intermodal and multimodal transportation are modern logistics technologies
Combined delivery is a flexible approach to the transportation of goods

Professional logistics always tend to find the most effective solutions for delivery problems. As a result we have a widespread using of intermodal and multimodal transport schemes that connect any points of origin and destination with best route and complex requirements for cargo storage conditions, terms and cost of delivery. Professionally combined delivery scheme enables efficient using of the advantages of all available types of cargo transport, for example, the cheapness of railway services or high speed air.

Basic principles of intermodal and multimodal logistics technology.

Multimodal delivery scheme is made with a succession of vehicles, but under a single contract. Intermodal transport is a particular case of multimodal with the condition that the shipment should be without repacking the cargo along the way and with a single set of documentation.

Most of the deliveries on a long distances are combined because originally begin from loading on trucks with subsequent reloading on the railway platform, board the vessel or cargo aircraft, and cargo once again moved by trucks from the port of arrival to the final destination. The advantage of a multimodal scheme is that all stages of transportation engaged by one company, it is also responsible for compliance with terms of delivery and safety of the cargo regardless of the amount involved modes of transport.

Intermodal and multimodal transport in a comprehensive service from the Royal Logistics.

Royal Logistics company takes care of the entire set of tasks for the elaboration and implementation of the optimal scheme of delivery of any consignment of goods in accordance with customer requirements for transportation options. Participation of the cargo owner in the process of organization and implementation of transportation is not required, but it has all rights to access to information about the process of movement and clearance of goods. We successfully solve the transport problems of any complexity, combining different types of transport in order to achieve the best results, quickly coordinating the delivery of all stages.

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