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Project Logistics
Project Logistics -unique solutions ambitious goals
Project logistics in modern trends of technological development

The current pace of infrastructure development require new approaches in the field of logistics services. It is necessary to organize the transportation of specialized equipment, building materials, large structures and their components during the implementation of large-scale construction or manufacturing projects

Project Logistics is a service for the development of optimal cost and timing of the action plan for the delivery of all the necessary facilities and materials, as well as return transportation equipment after completion of the project.

Project logistics tasks

Most of the goods involved in global or industrial projects fall into the category of heavy and bulky. Usually it is necessary to organize a multi-modal and often international transport. The exercise of such transport operations involve a number of difficulties to cope adequately with the help of professional logistics. Comprehensive services include:

  • Analysis of the loading parameters and features routes;
  • Development of logistics solutions;
  • Advising on the documentary preparation of traffic;
  • Coordination with regulatory agencies, registration tolerances and permits;
  • Organization of the transport component, handling and intermediate storage;
  • Freight forwarding and customs clearance.
Royal Logistics is always efficient logistics for projects of any scale

Royal Logistics Company provides a service for the organization of “turnkey” cargo complex for realization of projects of any complexity, regardless of borders and distance. A professional team develops individual logistics scheme for each order, using innovative information technology and advanced management methods freight traffic. Cooperation with our company is a guarantee of the successful delivery of all the necessary elements of construction, the rational choice of the type of transportation and storage schemes, the operational flow formalities.

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