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Terminal handling of goods
Terminal handling of goods in warehouses of class “A” and “B” – Range of services for efficient warehouse logistics
The main tasks of warehouse logistics

Most of multimodal transportation stages suggest handling and storage, often accompanied by customs clearance. The main tasks of warehouse logistics are:

  • Organization of the goods receipt to the warehouse and accounting;
  • Formation of the loading parties;
  • Packaging and labeling of packages;
  • Ensuring access of the controlling organizations for sampling, inspection, other operations;
  • Shipment of goods;
  • Changing of the transport mode.

An important aspect of the delivery scheme success is the choice of a cargo terminal capable to provide the whole range of necessary services and possesses sufficient capacity.

Characteristics of storage facilities “A” and “B”

Modern warehousing logistics terminals are the most suited for rapid and high-quality services and being complexes with centralized management that combine transport nodes, sites for the pass and storage areas.

Warehouses of accepted classification level “A” and “B” must satisfy a number of requirements, including:

  • The geographical location close to major transport interchanges;
  • The presence of the access road allowing the movement of heavy rolling stock;
  • Grounds for maneuvering and transport ramps for unloading;
  • Modern technical equipment;
  • Warehouses with high-quality coating systems, ventilation and temperature control (for “A” class – with temperature regulation, for the class “B” – with the maintenance of a stable temperature);
  • Fire alarm;
  • security systems.

Cargo terminals with a storage capacity category “A” and “B” allow to carry out rational handling and storage at the most careful handling of goods.

Terminal services transportation by Royal Logistics

Royal Logistics company offers comprehensive services for the organization of terminal cargo handling during transportation. In the implementation of multimodal transportation routes we develop sites based on the availability of adequate storage. Established cooperation with a network of logistics terminals of class “A” and “B” allows you to choose any product category option that is optimal for cost and storage conditions.

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