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Transportation of oversized, heavy and dangerous cargoes
Transportation of oversized, heavy and dangerous cargoes – the solution of transport problems of high complexity
Types of outsize cargo

Each mode of transport has its own regulations on the permissible parameters for the carriage of cargo, the violation of which can result in damage of rolling stock or the creation of an emergency. Goods that do not meet the established standards referred to special categories.

  • Oversized (heavy) load – an object transported without packaging or in packaging whose size and / or weight exceed the permissible values of a particular type of transport;
  • Dangerous goods (in international classification ADR) – substances or objects which can cause environmental pollution , damage to the vehicle or the accompanying infrastructure, damage to life and health of people or animals caught in the affected area in the process of moving, handling or storage. ADR Loads have internal classification is strictly regulated terms of delivery and storage.
Features oversized, heavy and dangerous cargoes

It is often necessary to deliver non-standard cargo in the process of production and turnover of supply. In this case it is necessary to organize the delivery that allows you to move an object without compromising the vehicle, the environment, other road users and the public along the way.

Special freight categories require additional clearances and tolerances, attracting specialized equipment. Scheme of transportation should take into account the admissibility move Label on the chosen route, conformity of the vehicle and the cargo compartment set of accepted claims, the presence of the carrier required tolerances. Logistics service includes registration of documents, organization of correct labeling and ensuring a reliable system packages fixing.

Royal Logistics – a comprehensive service for the transportation of outsize cargo

Royal Logistics team has experience in the successful organization of the delivery of oversized and heavy objects, as well as dangerous goods. Professional logisticians provide competent advice, make a safe and profitable logistics scheme with permissible kinds of vehicles. We organize customer-specific training batch for shipment, including packaging, labeling and fastening.

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